McInnis Electric

Designing, Building, and Maintaining the Infrastructure for Electrical & Telecommunication Systems


     ABOUT US:

     Our company began in 1954 with the house wiring team of Jack McInnis and Glen Jones as M&J Electric.  In 1972 Jack opened McInnis Electric with the commercial an industrial forces of the original company, and in 1999 Jack's son Glade purchased the company and is currently its president.

     We are the experts in the many aspects of electrical construction outlined below.  Our relationship with the men and women of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has been long and productive, having worked from California to Massachusetts and even to the Bahamas.


     The electrical contractor is integral to the success of a commercial project, being one of the first on the job and among the last to button it up.  Planning and coordination are essential skills we bring to the work in its many manifestations -- office buildings, government facilities, medical, education, sports facilities, parking, and casinos.


     Precision construction under often demanding conditions are typical of these projects and our experience is deep in automotive, oil and gas fields, materials processing, food processing, and power plant construction.


     Dependability and expertise are the mark of McInnis Electric's service craftsment; they are on the job when needed, with the knowledge and the equipment required to maintain and enhance the customer's facility.


     We install and maintain fiber and copper systems with the great attention to detail that management of modern and sophisticated cabling systems demand.  Our technicians have the equipment and training for complete certified solutions and work under the industry established standards guided by an in-house RCDD.


     From directional drilling and encased ductbanks to aerial cabling we/ve encounted the many obstacles in this specialized construction field, and our outside plant crews have performed this work in fiber, copper, and power systems for our customers across the region.


     One of the most effictive ways to prevent catastrophic electrical system failure and discover unrealized electrical deficiencies is through infrared testing.  McInnis Electric has the equipment and training necessary to provide comprehensive infrared testing to satisfy job requirement or as part of a preventive maintenance program.  We also have the staff and knowledge necessary to correct deficiencies discovered immediately.


     As our industry moves towards more computer based design, coordination, and recording; McInnis Electric is staying on the leading edge of computer based design and implementation for our construction projects.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide CAD based drawings and BIM modeling for coordination with all the other trades and systems in the construction environment.  We use the latest modeling tools in the industry including the AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks.